K’nex Critters

DSC_0056Little Makers: K’nex Critters

(February 2014)

Topics: Biology

Place: Fayetteville Free Library

Dates: Saturday, 2/8 from 10:30-11:3am; Tuesday, 2/11 from 5:30-6:30pm

Educational Content: We learned:

  • Insects have external skeletons, six legs, and three body sections. Some have antennae.
  • Grasshoppers, butterflies, lady bugs, and ants are all insects.
  • Spiders are not insects, they are arachnids.
  • Spiders have eight legs.

Books & Resources:


  • Kid K’nex Classroom Set


  1. I started off by reading our first book Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! It’s a very simple book, but the short text makes it easy to ask questions as you read. I got the kids involved by asking them to identify each creature, before I read what it was. I also asked them if they thought that the various creatures were insects or not, and why.
  2. The second book we read was called Bugs Are Insects, which helped us think more about what makes certain bugs insects. I also introduced a new vocabulary word to differentiate between insects and spiders, which are arachnids.
  3. After we had some understanding of what insects are, we set out to build some! I noticed that initially the kids wanted  a model or a plan to follow, so I gave them model/instruction sheets for butterflies, spiders, and more.
  4. After a while they got really creative and made their own weird creatures! I tried to reinforce the scientific concepts, but mostly it was about free exploration and play.